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( Islamic Dawah & Converts Association of New Zealand)














As-Salam Alikum Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatoh 

IRC is a non-profit based organisation registered as The Islamic Dawah & Converts Association of New Zealand.


1.      To convey the message of Islam as found in itís primary source, the Quran (the exact words of Allah, the high and mighty, as revealed to his prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) and itís secondary source, the Hadeeth (books containing the sayings and traditions of the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

2.      Cater for the needs of those who have accepted Islam as their way of life. 

This effort cannot be done in isolation from the rest of the Muslim community; hence it is our policy to work closely with organisations sympathetic towards our course

Organisation structure

Our organisation structure is based upon the Approach, Attract, Convince, Guide and Support methodology.

Marketing Department (Approach & Attract)

The main objective of this department is to use the different communication techniques including radios, newspaper, flyers, signboards, TV, links with different organisations and professions with high daily contact with non-Muslims (like taxi drivers) to make the initial approach.

Distribution Department (Attract & convince)

The role of the distribution department is to send information packs, follow up inquiries, and manage the library, ensuring it has enough information for distribution and consulting at any given time.

Consulting Department (Convince & Guide)

The activities in this department basically fall into two categories.  The first category involves face to face discussions with non- Muslims and Muslims in the form of one to one sessions, lectures, workshops etc.  The second category is a more behind the scenes type involving research and development of effective presentations, structured lessons and background information for effective responses to events happening in the Muslim world. 

Support Department (Support) 

The main objective of this department is to look after the needs of those who have recently accepted Islam.  This is achieved by providing appropriate companionship through Muslim families (Buddy System), Islamic education, acquaintance gatherings with others who have also accepted Islam by choice, and introduction to various aspects of the Muslim community to help integrate with it.

Watch Group (Convince & Guide) 

Our experience has shown that most non-Muslims, who do not have any in-depth knowledge of or experience with Islam, have a negative perception of Islam, being largely influenced by the media.  For an effective response to the misconceptions portrayed by the media, the response has to be immediate and based on well-founded knowledge and historical events.  This can only be achieved if there is a proactive group of people, who are aware of the media trends and are able to pre-empt events that are likely to cause misconceptions.

Work oriented not position 

Although we have office bearers in the organisation, it is task based, with emphasis on action and spirituality.  The atmosphere is very relaxed and ownership and decision making is left to those involved in the task.  The Islamic shura is followed where a collective decision is required