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The reader may be wondering what “Islam” has to do with the Bible, as the Bible is the holy book of Christians, and Islam is a different religion

altogether! As we shall see, this is a superficial judgment.


The fact is that there is a great deal of common ground between Muslims and Christians - both share many beliefs, like belief in one God, His messengers and prophets, the divine revelation sent to them, the Day of Judgment, heaven and hell, etc. Outside of Christianity, there is no other religion, besides Islam, that makes it an article of faith to believe in Jesus Christ (peace be upon him)* and in God’s revelation to him - the Gospel. Muslims believe that he was conceived supernaturally without a human father, and that he performed great miracles, like giving life to the dead and healing the blind and the lepers, by God’s power. Muslims also believe in his Second Coming. Jesus and his mother Mary (peace be upon them) are highly respected and revered in Islam.


With this orientation let us proceed to examine both Islam and Christianity

in the Bible. The subject will be treated under the following titles:



1.             The origin and meaning of the name ‘ISLAM’

2.             The concept of ‘ISLAM’ in the Bible

3.             The practice of ‘ISLAM’ in the Bible.



4.             The origin and meaning of the name ‘CHRISTIANITY’

5.         The practice and meaning of ‘CHRISTIANITY’ in the Bible.

*   Muslims use the phrase “peace be upon him” or the abbreviation (pbuh) whenever any prophet’s name is mentioned; this is an expression of respect and reverence for him.