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The purpose of this work is simply to acquaint the average reader with the basic teachings of Islam. It will be obvious that there is no intention to present the depth or breadth of Islam in this book. What is intended, however, is to provide the common but literate person with a proper insight into the subject and help him to appreciate the principles which Islam stands for. Once he develops the initial interest, he can pursue the course of deeper knowledge on his own.

The Muslims of the Western Hemisphere, especially those young among them who reside in remote areas, do face complex problems. All the surrounding circumstances are unfavorable as far as Islam is concerned. Radio comments and television shows, news items and magazine articles, motion pictures and even school textbooks, all seem to misrepresent Islam and not always innocently. Besides, certain overenthusiastic groups try to exploit the condition of these Muslims in the hope that they may become converts to this denomination or that sect. On the other hand, there are many temptations in life to divert the attention of people and turn their interest away from the right course of religion. This is harmful enough; but it is more so in the case of the young Muslims and is still much more in the case of Islam, the religion that is poorly understood in this part of the world. It is true that some Muslim parents try to provide their children with religious guidance and instruction; but of what good are these limited efforts and how effective can they be in mis high-pressure environ­ment?

What happens then? What is the result of this difficult situa­tion? It must be admitted. in all honesty, that the picture looks gloomy but not hopeless. Some Muslims, who are innocent .......