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This booklet is prepared to enlighten both Muslims and non-Muslims with the fundamental facts of Islam. It indicates the meaning of Islam and its two sources of reference, namely, i) The Holy Quran and ii) The Sunnah i.e. traditions of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.).


Although Islam is regarded as the latest revealed religion, it is NOT A NEW RELIGION, but really a continuation of the first religion of God to mankind, which was corrected and purified time after time, from all human adulterations and restored to its original purity.


It has been estimated that 124 thousand Proph­ets, were previously sent to all nations advocat­ing the same message, and every Prophet testi­fled to the truth of his predecessors and Proph­esied the advent of his successor.


Thus, all Prophets from Adam to the Prophet ………….