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For many people the idea of the Islamic belief is a bit phisticated, although it is very simple and might be crystal clear the minds of the majority. Many of us need to clarify this idea simple, clear, practical and self evident examples.


his booklet is, therefore a response to this dazzling dilemma. It ayes no room to wonder. All matters related to the pure. implete, authentic and practical belief in lslaani arc well :plained and eflicientlv pointed out.


[any books, pamphlets, lectures and hand outs have been written id presented in this regard. However, the idea of Islamic belief still vague and hard to explain from an lslamicaliv authentic iint of view. Especialh’ new Muslims who have not been posed well to Islamic culture, life and education will definitely nefit from reading this simplified version of the Islamic belief


us booklet aims primarily to serve this purpose. Also, many hers (i.e. VETERANS) will surely benefit of such enlightened ~dings.


ith this in mind, we present this humble work for the readers ping and praying that Allaah, the Almighty will guide all our ‘orts to what please Him and benefit Muslims at large wherever ~y might be on earth.



All praise is due to Allaah. the Almighty, the Lord of the Thy help we seek, Thy forgiveness we ask, and we see ~4ith Thy from our own evil and from the misdeeds comniitted against our souls. He who Allaah, the / guides. will never be misguided. He whom Allaah, the misguides. there will be no guidance. I bear witness tha no deity ~orthv of worship except Allaah, the Almighty. no partner. I bear witness that Muhammad. the p blessing of Allaah. the Almigh~ be upon him, is His set Prophet.


This brief summar about the belief of the early generationS is written 111 response to mans questionS about this complex issue. Individuals from all ~~alk educational backgrounds. classes and various schools o have suffered in confusion when it comes to the underst pure islamic faith or belief. Such people are not to be hi to the misconceptions of those who have addressed this subject in the past. Such people did not previously initiative to review such an important matter in various Islamic sources, Muslim scholars have investigated this the best of their abilities leaving no room for addition they have concluded. Therefore, it is imperative to re~ sources before dealing with the issue of Islamic belief. sought Allaah’s guidance and prepared this brief sumn the belief of the early Muslim generations I have research on the writings and the collections of the ear] scholars who are well accepted as authorities by the ii Muslims. I have added nuv opimon in a fe~ places ~